Oct 9, 2014

Cheapest way to get Real Techniques Brushes! (International - Singapore, Australia etc)

Real technique brushes was all the hype one or two years back. Tanya burr, Pixiwoo, Zoella were all using it. They are affordable, super soft on the skin and they even look great on your vanity. If you're living in Singapore, you would know that just two years ago, you couldn't get them anywhere. Real techniques didn't ship them online and I had to get mine from a little blog shop for SGD $24 that I found on Google. Now that drugstores like Watsons, Guardian and online retailers like Luxola jumped on board, one would think that the problem is solved. But it's not.

 They are so overpriced. 

In the US, Real techniques are priced US $9 for their Expert face brush, but in Singapore, it costs us SGD $ 18 ( USD $ 14.2). Not only are they overpriced, most of the bestsellers like the Expert face brush, Blush brush and Setting brush are always sold out. Plus, they don't carry the new and latest products as well!

When my mother was going Australia I asked her to pick some up for me. However, after checking online, I found that they too, were really overpriced.

 So this post will show you ladies out there how to get these brushes at an affordable price internationally. Be it Singapore, Australia or the country that you're residing in.

In Singapore - taken on 10/10/14 from luxola.com

In Australia- taken on 10/10/14 from priceline.com

Although you can get them for US prices on the Real techniques website, the international shipping that just launched were a tad too expensive.

To Singapore - taken from realtechniques.com

Standard international shipping to Singapore : USD 5.99 = SGD $ 7.60 

To Australia - taken from realtechnique.com
To Australia - USD $ 15.40 = AUD $17.50

People who know me will know that I am all for value-buying. I would always source for different places to find the best value I could get my hands on. When I first had my hands on my Real techniques brush, that $24 I spent was the only choice I had. When I wanted to buy these brushes as a birthday gift for a friend, I wasn't willing to make the same mistake again.

Thats when I found iHerb.

Out of all the places selling real techniques brushes, this was the cheapest and most affordable priced Real Techniques carrier I found. I mean, almost half the price as that in Singapore if you exclude the shipping! The price is exactly the same as that in the US, with very affordable shipping prices.  I'm talking about SGD $ 4 ( via Singpost) and AUD 3.60 ( via Australia post). Now that is very affordable. I also like that they are always in stock and that they carry the newer items, like the new Nic's picks 5 brush sets seen below.

taken from iHerb
Affordable prices, exactly the same as that in the US.

This is what my cart to Singapore would look like:
 I spent only $17.80 for two items including shipping and discounts. Whereas I would have spent $18 on the Expert face brush alone if I had bought it locally.

To Singapore - Taken from iHerb.com

For those in Australia:
 To Australia - Taken from iHerb.com

I know what many would be thinking right now, is this iHerb site reliable?

This was the question I asked myself when I first saw this site. I'm not going to lie, this site does look a little bogus. It's just too good to be true. But rest assured ladies! After ordering from iHerb twice, I must say that they are one reliable site. Shipping takes 1-2 weeks to Singapore which is around the same as ASOS. So you have to be really patient. But for the lower price,  I didn't mind at all. However, if you are bulk ordering I would recommend the $8 DHS international shipping- just to be safe.

Oh wait, it gets better. Yes you heard right.

There is a discount code : QCS930 to get $5 off your first iHerb order and $10 off if you spend $40 or more!

Like, wow.

So here was what I ordered:

Sadly, this was when I ordered from iHerb the second time so I wasn't entitled for the $5/$10 discount code. But because I was also buying these brushes as a birthday gift for a friend of mine, I was really pleased nonetheless. I didn't have to fork SGD $54 in Watsons or Luxola for these. So, my wallet definitely thanked me that day.

I think that the Real technique's brushes are an essential makeup tool in any girl's beauty kit, especially if you're new to makeup. Great things doesn't have to be expensive and these brushes are no exception.

All in all, this was literally the best value purchase I've ever made. It was literally 50% off for those living in Singapore (discounting shipping), and the proportion of shipping costs decreases for the more brushes you buy. If you're all about value-buying like I am, I really do recommend this site just because you get to save so much. So I genuinely hope this post was helpful to you ladies out there, pass this on to your friends if it would help them as well!

Good luck and happy shopping!



  1. Wow I never knew you could find affordable real techniques brushes! This post was worth reading and I'll definitely visit that website!

  2. Is the price at US dollars? Cause mine was charged at US dollars.