Dec 16, 2014

One Trick To Get Rid Of Stubborn Dry Lips

No products, no harsh abrasive scrub. This trick only takes less than a minute to do and it works wonders. Now that it's still winter in most places, I thought that sharing this trick with all of you would be most appropriate. This is something I try to do often after a shower because I tend to get the most horrible dry chappy lips ever. 

All you need is: 

1. A towel
2. A warm bath/shower

How to do it: 

1. Take a warm bath. Of course, the longer the bath the better. Lukewarm to cold showers works as well, just that results are not as effective.

2. After stepping out of the bath, wrap your towel around your finger and start to gently scrub your lips.

3.  Optional : Follow up with a thick layer of your favourite lip balm before bed.

This might sound really simple and intuitive, but this is by far the most effective and most gentle method I've found that gives me the softest smoothest lips. This method simply takes advantage of the every-day bath which makes this  really hassle-free and easy to do.

Why it's so great: 

The steam and the constant hydration you get during a bath helps to moisten those dry patches of skin on your lips. This means that a gentle scrub can easily remove those dry chappy skin, without having to tug and pull at the dry skin on you lips. This leaves your lips soft and smooth as ever.

I know that there is the 'Scrub your lips with lip balm and toothbrush' method and the 'Rub your lips with a Q-tip' method and so on, but I found that they left my lips really dry and uncomfortable. This method truly is something I swear by. So do try this method out after your bath later and tell me what you think!


*Lips sketch by Laura Stockings


  1. Ooooh. Thanks for the advice and all the info!
    Great blog! <3 So neat.

  2. Aw thank you Jedi :) I hope you found it useful!