Dec 5, 2014

What Is Your Favourite French Product?

A close friend of mine is going to the iconic french pharmaceutical wonderland in a couple of days. Knowing my slight obsession for skin care products, he kindly offered to get me some!

So being situated in the tiny country of Singapore, I am not as well versed with the french market as some of you are. Although I already have the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+] and Vichy Tri-Activ Hydrating Care ( which I went in great detail in my post: Clear Skin: Exfoliation Is Key (Salicylic Acid) ) in mind,  I am quite keen on trying new products.

So what is your favourite french product that you can recommend?


Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to directly reply comments in my previous posts.  I apologise that there are no email notifications on my replies. I'm afraid that if you have commented, you would have to go back to the posts. I have already contacted Blogger about this issue, and I hope you will be patient with me till then. I hope that all of you reading will continue your lovely comments because I do love reading and replying to them. It makes me really happy to hear your responses. Thank you and I hope to hear from you!


  1. I really like the Cattier micellar water "perle d'eau". It is my favourite eye makeup remover and does not irritate my eyes at all. It's not pricey and lasts long.

  2. Hi Karin!

    Thanks for your recommendation, I have added it to the list :) is it better than the Bioderma Sensibio?