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Great skin; It gives us a boost of confidence when we walk down the streets, when we look in people in the eyes or when we're out and about with our daily lives. Sure enough, no one starts out with perfect looking skin- much to our dismay. But take heart ladies, with a great skincare routine, and a little help from make up, we can get there.

Looking past the marketing gimmicks, branding and packaging, I hope to set apart the quality products from the rest. I hope that others too, may discover what works for them and attain better looking skin.

I also believe that we should know what we are slathering on to our faces. Many women I  know tend to avoid the tiny transcript of words at the back of products- the ingredient list. I completely understand why; the scientific names are daunting and scary! But it doesn't have to be. I hope to simplify it so that many of us can know the ingredients that may break or make our skin. Trying new products in the future would be so much easier and so much better.

Lastly, I believe that great skin doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. It is so important that we are getting our money's worth when buying a product. From drugstore to high-end, I hope to bring to you a range of products suitable to your budget and skin.


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