Sep 28, 2014

The start of Claudlyy

Hello there!

I finally decided to start my own blog about all things skincare and makeup. Why you may ask?
Because I cant stop talking about it. Makeup and skincare is such a big passion of mine, and I want to share it with others who too, have this same passion.

You know, I never realised this, but my friends would swear that I could go on and on in detail about products and brands and more products. They were the ones that suggested I turn to social media as an outlet to satisfy this passion I have. Though, I kind of suspect that they just want to finally have some peace.

Regardless, I hope that you'll embark on this journey with me, as I learn the ropes of delivering beauty content to you. I also hope that you'll guide me along, with your comments on what is good and bad, or share the content that I post if you thought that it was helpful. Finally, a big thank you to all who are reading my first post.


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